The 2006-2007 season was the first season for the Cary Warriors. The Warriors started off at bond park in April with a hard tennis ball. By October the Warriors had participated in 2 hard tennis ball tournaments and made the quarter-finals in the AID Cricket Cup. The Warriors 3rd tournament at the end of October was their first leather ball tournament and the Warriors lost the first 3 games but managed to tie the fourth game, scoring 72 runs. This was the last game of The Warriors for the inaugural season and we are very eager to start the new season next year.

New Era Begins

The Cary Warriors officially became a part of the Mid-Atlantic Cricket League in February 2008. The Cary Warriors are now known as the Cary Warriors Cricket Club and will be a part of the MACC in 2008. The club is upbeat about its inaugural season.  

TCL Premier League

After a brief spell with the MACC, the Cary Warriors Cricket Club has officially become part of the TCL Premier League in 2010.


CWCC Records


2008 Season

Fixtures and Results / Stats

Captain: Niraj Thacker

Vice Captain: Santosh Sarikonda

MVP: Nikhil Urs

Duke Aid Cup 2008

2009 Season 

Fixtures and Results / Stats

Captain: Ali Yusuf

Vice Captain: Nikhil Urs


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